ICG History

The International Children’s Games were founded in 1968 by the Slovenian sports instructor Metod Klemenc. His idea was –after Wold War II – within his possibilities to create a better world based on friendship. Sports seemed to be one of the best means to bring young people from different countries together.

In 1968, 9 European cities participated in the first International Children’s Games. So far 49 Summer and 6 Winter Games have taken place, with more than 45,000 participants from 580 cities from all 5 continents taking part.

In 1994 the Games were hosted outside Europe for the first time – these Games also were the first ever Winter Games in ICG history.

Since the 2003 Games at Graz the city of Innsbruck is annually represented at the International Children’s Games with a delegation. Since then, a total of 300 athletes from Innsbruck sports clubs have participated at 13 summer and winter Games.

Innsbruck strives to be represented regularly with as many different sport disciplines as possible.

Because of that continuous participation and the successful staging of the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games a bidding by Innsbruck as Host City for 2016 was a logical consequence.

In August 2013, the decision was made during the Games in Windsor (CAN). Innsbruck was awarded and is now proud to host the 7th International Children’s Winter Games.

Preparations are going on in full speed, and also the ICG officials show their satisfaction with the level of service offered. During the visit of President Torsten Rasch and Secretary General Richard Smith on October 27th 2014 the “Host City Agreement” was signed.

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