Hello, I‘m Yosi!

I’m Yosi, a real Tyrolean Alpine chamois and I have the honour of being the official mascot for the 2016 ICG. Therefore, I would like to introduce myself to you.

I was born in the Karwendel Mountains somewhere between Innsbruck and Seefeld. I don’t know, where exactly. But it must have been near an alpine hut, because when I was a baby, my mum used to swipe some Tyrolean cheese dumplings, schlutzkrapfen or a delicious piece of apple strudel for us on special occasions.

I love the mountains. Ever since I have learned to jump and climb, I’m out and about. I’ve already seen all of Tyrol, but I still like the Nordkette best – because here you have such a breathtaking view over the roofs of Innsbruck. On nice days, you even see the twinkle of the most famous roof in Innsbruck, the Golden Roof.

I was named Josefine, a traditional Tyrolean name, but everybody calls me Yosi. Yosi pronounced like Josi and written with Y – just like my big brother Yoggl (his actual name is Jakob). By the way, Yosi actually means Yoggl‘s sister: Yoggl‘s Sister…YoSi. Tourists from Great Britain who went on a skiing holiday to the Axamer Lizum noticed this. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You see, Yoggl is my big idol. Maybe you even know him! He and his rainbow pants became famous as he was the mascot of the Youth Olympic Winter Games 2012 in Innsbruck. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to follow in my brother’s footstep.

Maybe you didn’t know, but being a mascot is a matter of family (like so many things in Tyrol). It is not only a big honour, it’s also a big responsibility. I have carefully prepared for this task: Now I know the most beautiful places in Tyrol, the best alpine huts and the cosiest hotels, I’ve learned skiing, cross- country skiing, figure skating, playing ice hockey and even snowboarding – not that easy for chamois, believe it or not. I’m still working on freestyle skiing and biathlon, but

there still remains some time until the ICG in January. Moreover, I can greet and cheer on in nearly 20 languages. Well, I still have some problems with standard German, but actually that’s just right and proper for a real Tyrolean girl ;-).

During all this preparatory work I would have nearly missed my mission. While I was still on a scouting expedition, half of Innsbruck and Tyrol were already desperately looking for me. Fortunately, we coincidentally crossed each other’s path! I don’t like to think what would might have happened if they hadn’t found me…

Anyway, now I’m going to be the ICG mascot and I’m very much looking forward to it! I can’t wait meeting pupils from all around the world and cheer for them.


Hi! I’m ready for new adventures!
Take me with you, post your Yosi picture until 06.01.2016 HERE and win 5 x 2 tickets for  the great Opening Ceremony in the Olympiaworld Innsbruck. 😀

How to do
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4. Post your Yosi picture until 06.01.2016 HERE
5. Win 5 x 2 tickets for the Opening Ceremony

See you soon!