Green Event

Green Event – ICG 2016 goes green

The breath taking nature and landscapes of the Tyrol offer various possibilities for sports and leisure activities. Many types of sport are dependent on the quality of natural landscapes. The delicate ecosystem and precious nature landscapes have to be protected and preserved for future generations. This is the only way to maintain the opportunity of sports and leisure activities as well as recreation in nature, and to protect the environment.

As part of the society, we as organising committee of the Innsbruck 2016 International Children’s Games feel concerned about ecological, economic and social sustainability. Therefore, we are especially happy about the “Green Event Tirol” label. Our actions are based on the sustainability check list of the Klimabündnis Tirol, whereas we continually prove our defined goals and actions. On that account, we are in steady communication with our partners Klimabündnis Tirol and the Umwelt Verein Tirol. Our event “Freestyle Days at the Landhausplatz” in the summer 2015 has been awarded as “Green Event Tirol”.

For us it is nature that counts. Therefore, we do our best to save as many resources as possible in the implementation of the ICG 2016 and with it, to protect the environment. With every decision that we take, we are trying to contribute to climate, environment and resource protection, as well as to social equality. We rely on climate protection and social acceptability rather than the production of piles of rubbish and carbon dioxide.

For us it is the Tyrol and the region that counts. We are working with local partners and quality products from the region to develop further our consisting network of local stakeholders.

For us it is YOU that counts. We are doing our best to create the optimum/best conditions for all participants – international athletes, coaches and guests, as well as local people, volunteers, partners and all friends of the ICG. By doing sports together and having fun/joy in Tyrol’s nature, new international friendships shall be formed. With the motto of the Olympic values of friendship and respect the ICG stand for an unforgettable week in the heart of the Alps.

What makes the ICG a Green Event?

Location, transport and accommodation
During the ICG 2016 only already existing, modern sports facilities and infrastructure in Innsbruck and the Tyrol will be used. No buildings or sports venues will be constructed or reconstructed. Our sports venues as well as accommodations are located 25 km around Innsbruck and can be easily reached by public transport. Therefore, we want to encourage you to leave the car at home and rather walk or use the bike or public transport to get to our venues.

Catering, resources and waste
As healthy food is important for a healthy and capable body, we attach great importance to the athletes and coaches using organic, regional and fair trade products. They can choose between meat and vegetarian dishes at each meal. We do our best to realise a responsible use of available resources. Furthermore, we try to ensure a careful handling of water and want to avoid unnecessary water wastage. At this point we want to remind our guests that the water from Tyrol’s taps offers best drinking water quality. Fresh water from the tap drunk out of reusable tumblers saves tons of waste and protects the environment.

In order to reduce the amount and the production of waste we exclusively use reusable dishes in our venues. Also beverages are … in reusable glasses and tumblers in the venues during the ICG. Moreover, it is important to us to carefully separate and recycle unavoidable waste. At this point, we need your support: go to local restaurants or bring your own beverages in refillable bottles and thermo mugs instead of buying small plastic bottles in the supermarket and dispose of your waste properly.

Our flyers, folders and posters will be printed only in small amounts and as environmentally friendly as possible. This means, they are printed by local partners in order to avoid long transportation and we only use recycled or FSC certified paper. What is not necessary in paper form, will not be printed. We will send those documents per mail and provide them as download on our website.

Services and products … sustainability. We especially focus on the cooperation with local partners. An important aspect with regard to the decoration of our venues is the use of a few but targeted activities. Our motto is to produce durable, reusable decoration in cooperation with workshops from the Tyrol. Furthermore, we take targeted measures in accordance with the upcycling concept (e.g. modification of YOG’s mascot Yoggl to our mascot Yosi, etc.). After the ICG 2016, advertising materials (banners etc.) will be transformed into creative bags and other souvenirs of a special time.

Join and help us to protect and preserve the precious nature landscapes of the Tyrol to allow future generations the various possibilities for sports and leisure activities in nature.


Social responsibility

Mixed Team Events
In addition to the traditional competitions, totally new forms like the “Mixed Team Events” will be part of the sports programme. They allow athletes of various different delegations and genders to compete together in teams and play against other Mixed Teams. These competitions will once again underline the important role of the Games in bringing people together and reinforce the Olympic values of friendship and respect.

Fair Play Award
Respect, friendship, team spirit, fair competition, sport without doping, respect for written and unwritten rules such as equality, integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, are the building blocks of fair play that can be experienced and learnt both on and off the field.
At the Innsbruck 2016 International Children’s Games participants can nominate an athlete or a team who displayed fair play. The Fair Play Award Nomination Form will be handed out to all HODs and be available at the Delegation Services Centre. The nomination form can be submitted at the Delegation Services Centre.
The Fair Play Committee announces the fair play awardee who receives the award and the prize during the closing ceremony.

ICG History and Spirit
The International Children’s Games were founded by the Slovenian sports instructor Metod Klemenc in 1968 to create a better world based on friendship. Sports seemed to be one of the best means to bring young people from different countries together.