Tyrolean School Winter Games

At the same time as the Innsbruck 2016 International Children’s Winter Games, the first Tyrolean School Winter Games will be held.

From January 13 to 15, 5,000 pupilsfrom all over the Tyrol will have the opportunity to show their skills in various winter sports disciplines in the official ICG 2016 sports venues. Doing sport together and having lots of fun – that’s what it’s all about! After finishing their sporting competitions, the youngsters are welcome to watch the competitions, featuring the international athletes.

Sporting competitions:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Curling
  • Figure Skating
  • Freestyle Skiing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Ludge
  • X-Day (Ski Cross and Boarder Cross)


Sspecial thanks to our partners and sponsors!